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Oderland - Wood pellets
1. Project
IB Knoblich builds a pellet production plant in Meurerstraße 50, Frankfurt (Oder)/Germany.
Wood pellets of high quality will be produced here out of natural raw material with patented technologies.

2. Description
The configuration of the whole plant subdivides into 3 main plant components:

power and heat generation
drying plant
pelleting plant

I Pellet production
The pellet production plant consists of two main components:

the drying plant with drum drier and directly connected woodchip boiler as the offgas feed from both block heat and power plants; the pelletization with hammer mill, chipping conditioning, pellet press, reservoir for sawdust and pellets as the bagging station;

The technial innovation of this plant is its high energetic effectivity by direct operational discharge of the offgas from the woodchip boiler and the two block heat and power plants into the drum drier, without interconnection of any heat exchanger

II Raw material
We use renewable primary products for the production process:
vegetable oil from plantation cultivation
natural splints from softwood (pine, spruce)
wood chips

The PRODUCTION TOWER represents an innovation and was never before installed in Germany.
An austrian patent was issued for the PELLET.TURM in August 2007,
an european patent application was published on October, 31 in 2007.

With our project we
-support the brandenburgish energy policy,
-want to be precursors for efficient energy utilisation
-contribute for protection of the environment, the climate and natural ressources
-establish new jobs

From October 2008 we can offer from a yearly production of 23.400 t:
wood pellets, packed in sacks à 15 kg on 990 kg palettes
quality DIN plus certified
prices and delivery conditions on request
We are looking for reliable -distributors, -wholesalers, -direct customers for the purchase of our product.


PELLET.TURM (pellet tower)